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One of the manifestations of Iranian art, the handicrafts of this border and canvas, which in every city and country, show itself in a particular way. Many artists across the country have taken everything they hold and they have love trapped in their fingers to create spectacular effects. Some needles take up and thread the fabric tone, the other puts on a piece of craft to create a spectacular design, some of the rugging of the carpets bring their day to night, and ...

Handicraft, in addition to having a beautiful effect, is one of the best memorabilia of travel. Just step in the markets to make your designs and roles magic and bring you into a world full of love and art. You can give these valuable works as souvenirs to your loved ones to share them in a corner of your travel experience and tell them you remember them in all circumstances.

A diverse and colorful world of crafts in every city can make you confused, so it's best to get a list of the choices you want to get to get the most out of them before you reach your destination and go to markets. We want to go on the market and know the handicrafts. Like every city and village, Tabriz also has artists and men who are engaged in the production of handicrafts and create beautiful works that fascinate the people of the world and staring at their eyes. Stay with us...

Tabriz sweets

A trip to Tabriz brings a world of delicious sweets to you, each with a different taste and a taste for everyone. These sweets include:


One of the most delicious sweets of Tabriz, Novagh or Locaste is the Gaz family. Nougat ingredients, egg whites, sugar, walnuts, vanilla, etc. Sometimes it is also used to make mica bread. These sweets have a special place in the Eid Table, and the celebration of Tabriz's celebration and celebration is part of their culture.

tabriz gorabieh

gorabiehi one of the most famous and highly traditional sweets of this country. This cookie is made of flour, flour, sugar, vanilla, egg and ... and there are a variety of brains on it. Tabrizi usually use this pastry to host their special guests, and its place in ancient and religious festivals is also very special.

  There are different types of garlic in the market, including pistachio, coconut, walnut and others.

Tabriz Baklava

Baklava is the name of a delicious pastry from the countries of Turkey and Central Asia to the rest of the world. In Iran, you can taste the best Baklava in Tabriz and create delicious moments for yourself. These sweets are also found in the restaurants of this city and showcases desserts alongside food.

Baklava is made from flour, sugar, egg, cardamom and ... with different flavors of pistachios, coconut and almonds, and in different shapes, rhizomes and tubes.


Among the authentic and old Tabriz sweets, Eris is one of the most famous of them, made from milk, sugar, vanilla, pistachio, cocoa and ... and has several types called cucumbers and cacao. It has a sweet taste due to its special flavor, with every taste and many people like it.

5- Comfortable Alcantara

The delicatessen is a delicious pastry that can be seen in many parts of Iran, and many people, especially children, like it. This is a sweet of the most famous delicious Tabriz, which is made from sugar, water, rose water, lemon juice, flour and ... and is sold in most sweets and nuts. Comfortable Al-Hulum is considered one of the food on the Yalda Night and Feasts, and is often seen alongside the Nuts.


Latifa is one of the most popular types of sweets that is available in many parts of the country, but its flavor varies in Tabriz. This pastry is made up of two pieces of light and circular bread that is filled with cream.

They make delicacies from eggs, flour, corn starch, sugar powder, baking powder and vanilla, and are usually used at parties for guests to eat.

7. Sesame Sweets

 Other popular sweets from Tabriz and East Azerbaijan, in general, are sesame cookies, due to the presence of sesame in it, high nutritional value and its own fans. It is made from egg yolks, sugar and sesame and has a special place in festivities, parties and nightlife.

8. Halva barzak

With some sightseeing in the bazaar and in the Tabriz sweets, a kind of dark halva draws your attention. And if you go to the seller and ask about it, you will get a lot of definitions about it.

This food is called halva sarzak and it has many properties, because it is made from an oily seed called black liver. This oil-bearing seed from the township is available

9. Gingerbread

 Gingerbread is a delicious and popular bread in Tabriz, which has a special place in Tabriz's table, especially at the time of iftar and breakfast. This bread is made from flour, eggs, oil, butter, yogurt, milk and ginger powder and ... served at parties.

10. Screwdriver sweets

 Pencil or peppermint is a delicious pastry of Tabriz, which is used mostly in Nowruz for guests. It is easy to cook, and egg yolks, crushed walnuts, vanilla, sugar powder and pistachios are used for baking.

11. Chorutmeh

Chorumet is one of the very old Tabriz sweets that you may find a bit hard to find, because it is considered a rare scent. If you look at the Tabriz market a bit, you can taste the delicious sweets.

12. Luz Tabriz

Tabrizi mixes sugar, water, almonds, sugar powder, saffron, and puddings, making delicious sweets, called losus. Of course, luz is cooked in other cities of Iran, like Yazd, but Luz Tabriz has a very different flavor than it is. If you are tasting delicious sweets, do not miss the Tabriz Luz.

13- Rose Jam

 One of the souvenirs you can find in abundance in Tabriz is Mohammad's flower. Perhaps, in many respects, Kashan is the center for producing this flower, but Mohammadi flowers in Tabriz also have a special odor. Tabrizi use this sweet sparkling fruit to make jam and bring sweet and delicious flavors over their breakfast tables.

Quiet string

 The mood of Ramadan in Tabriz blends with the flavors of Khatami. This pastry, also known as Tel Cadayef in countries like Turkey, is also used to cook a kind of straw and make it into confectionery, also a string baklava. Strand, butter and sugar powder are the main ingredients of this pastry and are used to give flavor to it from the combination of ginger, cinnamon, mushroom powder and rose water. Among the sweet pepper, there is walnuts and pistachios that add to its nutritional value.

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Buying souvenirs is one of the sweetest parts of the journey, which makes it possible to experience different moments away from home, so think about planning for your trips.

Tell your experience of buying souvenirs for various purposes.

Have you ever traveled to Tabriz?

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